Writers Tears Double Oak Irish Whiskey 750 ml

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  • Writers Tears Double Oak Irish Whiskey 750 ml


Deep within the scenic Carlow countryside in Royal Oak, sits the 18th century home of the Walsh Whiskey Distillery. The family owned and operated company was founded by Bernard and Rosemary Walsh, previous owners of a ski chalet in France, in search of the perfect Irish whiskey with which to spike their famous coffee. Eventually, their search led them to the founding of their whiskey brand Irishman in 1999.

Set out to rediscover Irish-style Whiskey as it was made 200 years ago, they initially contracted their distilling to Bushmills. After becoming successful they were eventually able to build their own distillery. The Walsh Whiskey Distillery ceremoniously opened in June of 2016, in the heart of Southern Irish farm country — where they produce four versions of The Irishman, three Writer’s Tears, and two varieties of Irish Cream Liqueur.

The picturesque Walsh Whiskey distillery marks the return of Whiskey distilling to County Carlow for the first time in over 200 years. With its three specially crafted imported pot stills built in the legendary Scottish Forsyths and two, forty plate column stills. They are the only independent Irish Whiskey distillery to produce the three styles of Irish Whiskey pot still, malt, and grain under one roof, in one still room. Walsh Whiskey has the capacity to produce 650,000 cases of Whiskey per annum.

This Irish whiskey is a collaboration between the Walsh family and the Legaret family — French producers of Deau Cognac. Writers’ Tears Double Oak, is a blend of the two premium whiskey styles aged in two types of wood – American and French Oak. It is triple-distilled, non-chill filtered and bottled at 46% ABV.

Dashes of sweet vanilla, notes of cinnamon, plum & poached pear. On the palate are notes of pressed grapes and citrus zest. The finish has chocolate undertones and lingering spice.

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