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Thanks for stopping by the corner!  Here you'll always find something that stood out as being exceptional.  Whether it be the story behind it, the quality represented in the bottle, a slew of intriguing facts or something incredibly limited, there's always something interesting to discover here.  




WOW, WOW, WOW!  Every time I taste something from Breckenridge this is my initial reaction.  Always exciting and always exceptional.  Better yet, they're making some of the best spirits we carry in our store at unheard of prices.  If you know me then you know I love spirits, whiskey in particular.  Breckenridge of course has always occupied one of the spaces at the top of my list of personal favorites.  Until recently we've always carried the standard release of Breckenridge Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey (thanks Rocky Mountain Snowmelt for your contribution to this delicious bourbon).  Breckenridge's Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which includes whiskey sourced from Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana to round out it's beauty, is quite simply a beautiful bourbon.  It contains a high rye content that perfectly and harmoniously adds a peppery balance to the sweet, smooth, oak and vanilla contained in the bottle.  Trust me, this one leaves you wanting another sip!  Enough about that though, , because recently we've taken on some new, highly noteworthy acquisitions that you simply must try.

First up, Breckenridge PX Sherry Cask Finish Bourbon!  If you aren't familiar with PX (Pedro Ximinez) Sherry, this is a Sherry of the highest quality.  Deep, dense flavors of dried fruits along with nutty nuances make this classification of Sherry exquisite.  Breckenridge acquired PX casks from Andalucia, Spain from a winery that is hundreds of years old.  They then took their already amazing Bourbon and aged it in these casks.  The result is delicious.  The previously spicy, smooth and complex bourbon transformed into a bourbon that offers a whole new level of flavor.  The Sherry imparts flavors of raisins, fig and almonds making the Bourbon a rich, approachable Bourbon with layer upon layer of flavor.

Next we have the Breckenridge Distiller's High Proof Blend Bourbon Whiskey.  This one may just be more personal favorite out of the Breckenridge line.  Why?  Well the answer is quite simple.  This bourbon takes the standard Breckenridge offering and turns up the heat, increases the flavor and over-delivers on every level.  I've always been a fan of higher proof or cask strength whiskey because of the vast amount of flavor to experience.  This guy comes in at 52.5% alcohol or 105 Proof.  Only a little less than 10% higher than the standard release but one sip and you'll see what it brings to the table.  The palate is more rich, more dense, more spice, just more...more everything.  What's not to love about that?!  This bourbon was crafted to be tasted as Breckenridge's master blenders taste the whiskey out of the barrel.  They recommend 20 samples before 8:00 AM if you want the true master blender experience.  Sounds like a long nap might follow that tasting, but the choice is yours.  Try it at full strength, but if the heat is too much the higher proof leaves room to add a bit of water to adjust the proof and the flavor profile until it suits your specific taste preference.  However you drink this one your taste buds will thank you, I promise.

If you want to try something truly different then give Breckenridge Colorado Spiced Whiskey a go.  Treat yourself to this unique offering this Fall/Winter.  It'll warm up the insides and make you feel better about the cold.  Breckenridge has infused their Bourbon with winter spices and brown sugar to make a whiskey perfectly suited for sitting by a fireplace or after shoveling/snow blowing the driveway.  I know most of us don't want to think about snow yet and I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble, but let's be real...winter is coming.  Game of Thrones fans can appreciate that one.  Anyway, back to the whiskey.  It is exactly what it claims to be, a genuinely great bottle of bourbon infused with delicious seasonal spices.  It reminded me of Snickerdoodles and maple & brown sugar oatmeal.  Hungry now?  Yeah me too, but don't go anywhere yet!  I've got one more to tell you about.

Then a curve ball was thrown and Breckenridge Gin was set on the table.  Sure I was sad to see the whiskey go but man was I excited to see what this was all about.  The aroma was awe-inspiring.  I knew I was about to have my socks knocked off and Good Golly Miss Molly was that accurate!  The nose leads with lemon zest, followed by complex fragrant and spice notes.  The unmistakable Juniper that is characteristic of Gin is not lost here but well integrated and not dominant.  All of this is apparent with one small whiff of this well-crafted Gin.  The palate shows an explosion of citrus and spice that give way to faint, yet lingering pine.  Balance and harmony are apparent from start to finish and each sip is more delightful than the last.  All of this and it's under $25!  This is perfect for straight sipping but would be lovely in a martini with a twist.

BONUS - Breckenridge Distillery is CERTIFIED ORGANIC!

Breckenridge has also received a long list of accolades since it opened it's doors in 2007, including DISTILLERY OF THE YEAR twice!


Thanks for reading about one of my favorite distilleries.  I hope that you've found this interesting and insightful.  Even more, I hope that you'll treat yourself to one of these beautiful offerings because you deserve it!




Oh friends, have we ever got a winery to tell you about!  The story begins more than 130 years ago at the highly celebrated Monte Rosso Vineyard of Mount Peak Winery.  

The year is 1886 and allong the Mayacamas Mountains at 1,300 feet, nestled between Napa and Sonoma, lay the steep hillsides of Monte Rosso. A three-story, gravity-flow winery is built atop Monto Rosso Vineyard from rocks that are excavated from beneath it.  This spectacle would be known as Mount Peak and quickly burst onto the scene as one of California's top ten wine producers.  The winery would stand the test of time and live forever, well it may have anyway if not for Prohibition.  This dark time in the history of wine and spirits forced the famed winery to be abandoned and reclaimed by the land that it once thrived off of.  For decades the winery would lay dormant, reclaimed by fig trees and wild vines, turning Mount Peak into a ghost winery, one thought to never see a resurrection.  During this time the vines continued to flourish as they lay in wait for the day they would once again However, all these years later the ghost has risen and the second coming of Mount Peak Winery is a tremendous gift to all of us!

Since it's resurgence Mount Peak wines showcase intensity along with finesse that is the signature of this extraordinary place.  The remarkable beauty and quality of this treasured winery is on display in three distinct wines that will have you mesmerized as though had just seen an apparition.


Sentinel Cabernet Sauvignon (2014)
92 Points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
Named after the shield-shaped block that marks the entrance to the vineyard.  Suitably so because this is a wine that should be well guarded!  

  • Selected from vineyards in Monte Rosso, Napa and Sonoma
  • Deep, rich, intense & muscular
  • Concentrated dark fruit flavors with hints of baking spices and toasted oak
  • Aging potential of 25-30 years.


Rattlesnake Zinfandel (2014)
92 Points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
Named after Rattlesnake Hill, located in the highest part of the vineyard.  In the day the snakes can be found basking in the plentiful sunshine and in the evening coiled tightly around the vines.  Thankfully we can drink this gorgeous wine without having to tiptoe around the snakes that guard it...  Come to think of it, this is so astounding that walking through the vineyard barefoot would be worth it! 

  • Robust flavors of dark berry, cherry and jam
  • Nuances of pepper, spices and smoke
  • Juicy and bold with the finesse a Zinfandel should possess.
  • Aging potential of up to 8 years.

Gravity Red Blend (2014)
95 Points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
Named for a lower slope of the Monte Rosso Vinyeard located in a steep canyon.  The vine location produces grapes with an abundance of intensity!

  • 33% Petite Sirah, 29% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Zinfandel, 10% Syrah, 5% Grenache, 2% Barbara
  • A wine with great power and depth
  • Layered with dense, concentrated dark fruits
  • Assertive tannins
  • Power & elegance
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